23 Jul

I’m not exactly the oldest member on staff but I was consistently behind the times as a kid so it balances out somewhat.  On other websites or places like Steam or PSN, I’m known as GrandConjurer and have been since 2007.

My chief interests are film, video games, and writing and I’m glad to say that I’ve got my fingers in all three here at Elder-Geek.com.  After taking every film course available at the University of Mary Washington and realizing that a Bachelor’s Degree in English was not for me.  My plan is to attend either George Mason University or Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue degrees in Film, Graphic Design, and/or Marketing.

In terms of games, I love anything by Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, and Dave Grossman, any and all Black Isle PC RPG’s, anything by Blizzard or Valve, and hundreds of other games that are too many to list.

Email: elioth at elder-geek dot com