21 Jul

Sequel to one of the biggest hits on the Playstation 3 during 2007, ‘Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’ has today officialy been confirmed for a October 13 launch in the United States, and a European release date ten days later on the 23rd. The game is one of the most prominent to be released as a Playstation 3 exclusive for the remainder of this year, as recently, multiple PS3 exclusives were pushed into Q1 of 2010.

Several exclusive pre-order bonusses have also been revealed for different retailers, including Amazon.com, Game Crazy, BestBuy and GameStop. The GameStop pre-order bonus is access to an ability called ‘Revenge’ from the start of the game, while this ability is normally only available after advancing far in the multiplayer aspect of the game. Also, pre-ordering the game at GameStop gives players early access to the multiplayer demo. The demo will go public on September 29th, but those who ordered the game at GameStop will have access from September 9th onwards. The Game Crazy bonus is a currency multiplyer for online play, which will allow players to accumulate the in-game currency faster than other players, giving them easier access to abilities and upgrades. The pre-order at Amazon.com provides the player with a map that should make it easier for users to find hidden treasures in the game. Finally, BestBuy’s pre-order bonus is access to golden Berattas and AK47s in multiplayer matches, which are otherwise not available to players.

7 thoughts on “‘Uncharted 2’ to Hit Shelves on October 13”

  1. I’m sick and tired of all of these Pre-order bonuses… I never want to pre-order, so I will usually always miss out on content that should normally be in the game.

  2. I don’t really care about them to be honest, but I do think these Game Crazy bonus and the GameStop ‘Revenge’ bonus are a little bit unfair towards other players. Golden guns and stuff are pretty nice, but I would really like to see unlocks like that in the game as well for other guns or something, much like different costumes or other gun skins that can be unlocked together with trophies / achievements and stuff.

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