29 Jul

Playstation Universe reports that in the latest issue of Japanese Gaming magazine Famitsu, yet to hit store shelves, writers confirm the development of the second installment of the RPG license White Knight Chronicles, which currently enjoys an active social community in Japan. The first title has yet to receive a concrete release date for Western shores, but the confirmed sequel indicates a strong support for the license, which could easily branch out into releasing the original in other markets. Famitsu has yet to divulge exact details on the product or its development, but more is expected to be revealed as the year progresses.

White Knight Chronicles sets players in the shoes of a boy blessed with the ability to transform into a giant, legendary armored fighter, which he uses to combat the various building sized creatures intent to wreaking havoc across the landscape. TheĀ  RPG also experimented with online interaction, coming equipped with an expansive multiplayer mission format and co-operative option for the single player campaign. As the audience grew, developer Level-5 further expanded the social community with an in-depth level creator and micro-transactions for various equipment and avatar accessories. The development team, while hinting at a Western release, are expected to make a full disclosure on Chronicles sometime later this year.


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