31 Aug

Foster City, CA – Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that God of War and God of War II will be released on a Blu-Ray collection featuring newly designed anti-aliased graphics and run at 60 frames per second at full 1280×720 HD resolution.  In addition to that, Trophy support will be included.

The collection, retailing for only $39.99, has no official release date yet but the press release says it will be out “this holiday season.”

2 thoughts on “God of War Collection on PS3 Announced”

  1. I bet it will come with GOW 3 as well. So I may just wait till March, otherwise it may be a renter for me.

  2. Nope–they’re releasing it before the end of the year so people can replay the original games before GOW3 comes out.

    But I’m so glad about this–it shows that Sony isn’t afraid to double-dip their PS2 games and improve them for the PS3, meaning that there’s a chance that Ico and SotC might get the same treatment.

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