21 Aug

One of the most requested features of multiple games will be implemented full-force in the latest game in Sony’s “Create. Play. Share.” label, Modnation Racers. Aside from the deep character, car, and track customization options available in the game, developer United Games Front has decided to further spice up the social interaction aspects of the title with 4-player split-screen co-operative play. While a common feature in most general audience-focused racing titles, United Games Front seeks to expand the concept by, at least in theory, offer up to 12-player co-operative play. How exactly the concept will make it to design is yet to be determined, but the game itself is set to release sometime in 2010.


2 thoughts on ““Modnation Racers” To Offer Multiple Split-Screen Options”

  1. This is gonna be the next Mario Kart 64. Simple split-screen racing with awesome tracks and weapons. This is gonna turn the PS3 into a real party asset.

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