24 Aug

Seems like even Sony itself could have underestimated the initial interest in the recently announced Slim SKU of the Playstation 3. The new version of the console quickly became the #1 video game related item on the online mega-retailer Amazon.com, surpassing even the anticipated Halo: ODST and the new Wii MotionPlus. While Amazon hasn’t released exact pre-order sales figures, the Playstation 3 Slim page now sports a new purchase limit policy, which limits each purchasing household a maximum of one unit of the console. If this interest is any indication, the Playstation 3 could be set to have it’s best holiday season ever, and perhaps turn the tide of the much debated console war.


3 thoughts on “PS3 Slim Ranks #1 on Amazon Pre-Orders, Purchase Limit Results”

  1. Yeah I was actually REALLY surprised about this one. Only a few days listed and it’s the top selling product in video games on Amazon and at the game store where I work–zomg we’re getting calls every ten minutes asking about the PS3 slim–as if we didn’t have enough to ship what with all the other major releases this week.

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