08 Aug

Playstation Universe recently reported on a trademark on the phrase “P.S. Thanks” appearing on the legal scene with Sony’s signature attached, with the rather vague tagline of being an “…incentive rewards program geared toward quantifying, identifying and motivating top consumer base with the goal of promotion and sale of video game hardware and software.” attached to it. Rumors have abounded just how these “incentives” will manifest, the general consensus being a sort of rewards systems across Sony’s platforms, the specifics of which are still very much up in the air.

In response to the speculations, Sony has released this statement: “We have a long history of creating unique loyalty programs such as PlayStation Underground, which started with the original PlayStation and has evolved into the Gamer Advisory Panel. We continue to look for ways to expand this program and we are evaluating new naming conventions for this evolution, which is why we filed a trademark for PlayStation Thanks.”


One thought on “Sony Trademarks Possible Rewards System”

  1. Damn if I’d ever bothered to fill out one of those product registration cards I might be in that ‘top consumer base’ they’re talking about.

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