13 Sep


This week we introduce our most recent addition to the staff; Kristie Barber. With a plethora of news we dive right into it with Pax and the nerd-flu. We have of course also been playing a few games here and there so F.E.A.R not. Lastly we tackle the question of video games as catharsis, do we use them to release stress and anger and is doing so healthy?


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12 thoughts on “Elder-Speek 22: Randy’s Failure”

  1. September 13, 2009.

    Mats admits he has never played Star Fox 64.

    The day Elder-Geek.com lost ALL the credibility they had left.

  2. Mats, the controls for Katamari have been the same since forever, the reason why you have to use both analog sticks is because you have to power up the ball and roll super fast, go find Katamari Damacy, for PS2 it is the awesome and cheap.

    Nice there is a reply button now.

  3. Hey, I’m actually attending WSU right now, and yeah, 2500 students have been said to have symptoms of Swine Flu. The docters at the campus have said that only 500 people have actually been diagnosed by actual docters.

    The good thing is… Swine flu is actually a bit milder than the common Flu. It will usually make you bedside for a couple of days, but it isn’t spread through the air, and it is generally easier to treat. Also, the campus has started a new policy for attendence while people are sick, which means you can miss class without a docters note. This means that if I have a game that I really want to play, I won’t be afraid to skip a class to play it.

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