28 Sep


In this episode of Elder-Speek, Kristie joins Randy and Mats for a TGS special. In addition to all the spectacular and not so spectacular news coming out of TGS, we dig deep down in our cynical selves to come up with a few upcoming big name releases that we are NOT excited about. Lastly, we go of topic on a space adventure featuring joules, anti-matter and mysterious sound carrying space particles.


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2 thoughts on “Elder-Speek 24: Geeks In Space!”

  1. sony owns bluray, they’ll never let another game console have it without a huge licensing fee. I seriously doubt you’ll see it on any other console any time soon, if ever.

    1. sony doesn’t own the rights to blu ray alone though, a large group of companies do. i doubt they can legally just disbar microsoft or nintendo from developing a console with a blu ray player.

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