25 Sep

FinalFantasy CrystalChronicles Darklord Banner

WiiWare tower defense game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a Darklord will receive two news packs of downloadable content today. For more information regarding the contents and price of the two content packages, please take the jump.

The two packages of DLC are named “Palom” and “Living Room Set”, and cost 200 and 400 Wii points respectively. The “Palom” package adds a¬†powerful¬†magic user to your roster which is able to slow opponents. The character Palom was also found in the sequel to Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV: The Final Years which was released earlier this year through WiiWare. The “Living Room Set” adds four new artifacts to the game, which have the ability to halve the remaining health of opponents, stop opponents from moving, reset opponents to the lowest floor of your tower or increase the attack power of your own creatures.