09 Sep


Sony’s Massive Action Game, M.A.G. has extras for those who pre-order early. Those who decide to pay first can expect to choose between exclusive characters and/or perks depending on where they shop. The three retailers and extras are as follows:

Amazon: S.V.E.R. Home Space with a beige and earth tone gear theme.

GameCrazy: Raven Industries op with Spyder Camo Pattern, reinforced armor and helmet

GameStop: Seryl Volk Executive Response Hazard Trooper with improved ballistic vest, camo pattern and Hazard improved helmet.

By pre-ordering at any of these locations also gains you access to the open beta running from Oct. 12 to Nov. 20. You can also access the open beta free if you’re a Qore subscriber. M.A.G. is planned to be released Jan 26  of next year.