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  1. The ideal game would be the platforming on inFamous with the combat of Batman: Arkham Asylum. In fact, that’s how Assassin’s Creed II should be–inFamous’ platforming + Batman Arkham Asylum’s combat with weapons.

    1. Yeah Batman has solved the problem of how to do melee combat with more then one enemy, but I’d say the platforming in Assasins creed was A bit better then inFamous.

    1. He who posted the piece should ask that Nate fellow to redesign the site in order for names to be easily visible (as in, not grey over grey). He who posted the piece should also open After Effects and add a simple Randy Yskfljasomething notice on the video so i know who’s talking.

  2. “in fact, that’s how Assassin’s Creed II should be–inFamous’ platforming + Batman Arkham Asylum’s combat with weapons.”

    that’s pretty much what AC is in the first place. batman AA’s combat was practically the same thing, you had timed counterattacks and basically just had to hit the same button again and again where you get rewarded with a cool animation that kills/knocks out your enemy. only difference in assassin’s creed was your combo’s only worked when you hit the attack button as soon as you connected basically and you couldn’t string combo’s from one guy to the next. and AC’s platforming is exactly the same as infamous’, they pretty much made a carbon copy of it. obviously you could grind on stuff in infamous though.

    i never seen so much hypocrisy about a game as i have with the criticism surrounding assassin’s creed and its apparent flaws. suddenly everyone became the most over analytical, bitchy critic in existence on the games release while games like GTA4 get some of the highest praise ever seen for whatever fucking reason despite a lot of flaws in their own right (not referring to you there though eliot)

    Batman AA is great, but it’s not perfect either, nice review though.

    1. Haha! Personally, Assassin’s Creed is still one of my favorite games of this generation (which is why I didn’t do the re-review. It would have been too gushy). I understand why some people pick on it, but I think it’s achievements far outweigh its flaws.

      I wasn’t expecting Batman AA to be any good at all. In fact, I thought it was going to be a gigantic flop. It was probably my most pleasant surprise this year.

      RE:5 being my biggest disappointment.

  3. Although I haven’t played Arkham Asylum yet (plan on it soon), I agree with Ray. Of ever superhero game that has come before Arkham Asylum, no other game has captured the comicbook universe better than the original Spiderman on the Dreamcast. It had its flaws, especially when it came to the camera system indoors, but for its time, it did everything that a Spiderman game should do.

    Spiderman 2’s (PS2) open world and web physics was also a step in the right direction for the series, but it lacked that comic book feel that I enjoyed in the Dreamcast version, but I guess that’s because it was based on the movie.

  4. Oh man, having you guys talk about good old Spiderman made me look up some video on youtube, now I’m going to have to look up that game in the archives and play it again. That was such a good game!

    Better then Batman or inFamous though? I wouldn’t go that far.

    1. I would 😉

      I’ve only played the demo, so I’m judging it off that, but everyone else in the forums acted like the demo was amazing. So, I feel like I got the real experience.

      I personally felt like it was a simple beat em’ up (mash the X button, throw in a few Y for counters), with some simple stealth thrown in (hang from the infinite amount of gargoyles, then either dive kick or hang your victim). It was also extremely good looking at some points (by UE3 standards), and extremely ugly at others.

      Not for me.

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