11 Oct


This week the old crew gets back together to discuss the evolution of videogame storytelling. Left 4 Dead 2 is in the news along with Gun of War, Wal-Mart and Demoplay. Our week in geek is action filled and very wrong, with games including Beyonetta, Operation Flastpoint 2, Scribblenauts and Pixel Junk Monsters.

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3 thoughts on “Elder-Speek 26: Bedtime Stories”

  1. I agree with Mats (I think) on Bayonetta. It doesn’t matter what the game is about if the gameplay is great. While it certainly looks cool, it will take a lot to surpass the greatness of Devil May Cry 3!

    Oh did you mean that it is actually better than DMC 1? Given the amount of time that has passed, that’s not as hard…

    1. If compared to the quality of it’s time then no it’s not better then DMC 1. I think I was simply talking about DMC1’s quality to set a standard for what you can expect out of Bayonetta.

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