25 Oct


Eliot is back this week for our 28’th episode of Elder-Speek. In this episode we discuss news topics like the God of War 3 DLC, Assassin’s Creed Lineage and Modern Warfare 2 missing dedicated servers. For Our Week in Geek we feature Brutal Legend, DJ Hero and FATALE among others. As usual we have discussion topic to argue over, this week we tackle Peter Molyneux’s list of revolutionary games.


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One thought on “Elder-Speek 28: Revolutionary”

  1. Matz you are crazy Nicktoons were awesome Ren And Stimpy raised me. But Nickelodeon has turned in a faceless corperation. Super Mario 64 Kick so much ass I played nothing but for a long time and got every star. I haven’t even played Galaxy’s though. I fell off way more platforms as Lora than as Mario. Terra was naked when in esper form and alot of us have good imagination. Give Eliot his own opinion shes a bitch. There are so many definitions of the word and Eliot’s meaning behind it makes the point. A nag and a bitch are two totally different things. Tits … lol. Dune 2!!

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