05 Oct


The God of War formula is one of the most proven and lucrative in the industry, but one director at Sony Santa Monica thought there could be even more possibility by bringing it to the industry’s most popular genre. His suggestion? Make one of the strongest third-person action franchises into a first-person shooter. Art Director Kevin Feldman, speaking to digital artist community website CGSociety, he mentioned  that, “I tried unsuccessfully to convince [game director] Stig to make God of War III a first-person shooter. Kratos could have some truly badass huge weapons that rip gods to shreds. Unfortunately he didn’t see the genius in the idea.”

While a God of War first-person, or even on-rails, shooter may not be the worst idea in gaming, we here at Elder-Geek definitely side with Stig on this one. If only for the reason that disrupting the formula in its supposedly final installment might ruffle some major feathers. Might make a good spin-off one day though, we’ll make sure to call Kevin when that day arrives.

6 thoughts on “God of War III Could Have Been an FPS”

      1. Not just that. Why try to turn a hack & slash platformer into a FPS? I don’t want to see Kratos wielding Greek guns, especially considering the Blades of Chaos are pretty much the best hack & slash weapons ever made.

  1. ^yeah, if they want to make an FPS, then do it on an original IP, don’t try to change the genre of a franchise, unless it is ok to do so (See Dead Space and Dead Space Extraction, perfectly acceptable).

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