22 Oct


The blu-ray has amazing storage capacities, but even the limits of the 50GB discs won’t last a full retail game forever….or even until this Spring. A Mercedes-Benz promotional video features the game, complete with the first appearance of possible box packaging. The package is a bulky one, with room and slots for three separate discs, leading some to believe that the game is about as huge as Polyphony Digital has been telling us. Others assume the package to be a limited or collector’s edition, the other slots to be used for a soundtrack or disc of bonus material. The case has no advertisements for a separate version, but it hasn’t been confirmed as the official package for the title either. Take a look below the jump for yourself, and comment on what you think this packaging – if official – could mean.

3 thoughts on “GT 5 Could Be on 3 Discs”

  1. The box looks a bit like a prototype. I doubt they would leave “Gran Turismo” off the front of the box, and this isn’t a special edition… or else they would have “special edition” in large letters somewhere on the box.

    I say the special edition could have 2 or 3 cds… with a model car in the box as well. This would take up the last little section of the box.

  2. ZOMFG!!111 3 DiScs? BlU RaY is D38D!

    No, but seriously they don’t need 3 discs. They probably just want to use 3 so they can say they use one more disc than Forza 2 😛

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