13 Oct

CommandAndConquer 4 BannerEA has released nine screenshots for the upcoming closing piece of the Command and Conquer-Tiberium saga. The screenshots show a wide array of different units located in “Junktown”, which is most likely a map in the game. The shots can be found after the jump. The game will release in 2010, exclusively for the PC.

2 thoughts on “Tiberian Twilight Screenshots Revealed”

  1. I’m guessing this might come to the consoles like what happened last time or not. I don’t really care since I am not a C&C fan. Personally there needs to be time in between each game, especially since there was an expansion for it.

    I’m more excited for SCII than for C&C 4.

  2. I agree, this game follows a little fast on the previous instalment. Still, there are enough gameplay innovations to make this one worth looking out for to be honest. I really won’t be getting it myself… my PC can’t run this in a million years.

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