9 thoughts on “A Boy and His Blob Video Review”

  1. Nice review. Sometimes looking through the rosy tinted glasses can be disastrous, TMNT: TIT Re-Shelled anyone. But this looks like a good game. The map takes from Wario Land: Shake It, you have 3 treasures, but you also have side objectives, and there are other side areas you can unlock.

    I liked the list of Jelly Bean power, something a kid would do.

  2. i’m glad to hear that they streamlined some of the painfully frustrating aspects of the original… but alas it looks like they went a little too far in that direction. but many, looks great otherwise.

  3. I really think they could have done more with the story of the game… it could have had a great Pixar-ish feel to it. I just think it was a missed oportunity. Oh well, the game is still a solid rental.

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