16 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Video Review”

  1. If the game runs smoothly, i got no problems how they do it. I will only play this if the Single player campaign is worth it, because I don’t bother with multiplayer too much.

  2. I’m going to steal Eliot’s copy when he’s not around. By the way, Eliot, can you run up to Bethesda this afternoon around 5:30 to pick something up for me? I can’t tell you what you’re picking up, but you’ll know it when you see it.

  3. Great review, but I think I’ll be passing up on this game for the time being… With only a 5-hour campaign and a multiplayer that is that similar to it’s predecessor, I’ll save my money for other blockbusters this seasons wait for Bad Company 2 for my online shooter fix.

      1. My past experience with non dedicated servers was very, very bad. I don’t see how this can be any different…

    1. Nice. January 5th can’t come soon enough for me. I’ve played the demo like seven times already.

  4. Nice review. I’ve been curious about which military branches are played as but so far no other review has informed me until now, thanks. So Rangers, SAS, and CIA. Hmm, I was kind of hoping Marine Force Recon would make a comback, but oh well. Hope to see some SEAL missions next time around.

    I also hear from other reviews that the game features split screen. This is much more important to me than online ever will be and if split screen IS supported then I might consider a purchase, despite the sour taste that COD4 left in my mouth. I’m willing to give it another go.

  5. great review. i haven’t been following the site very much lately, but i was wholly impressed y the quality of your review’s presentation. i’ll be back!

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