08 Nov


This week in ELDER-SPEEK we give family friendly games a spin, and tell stories of Christmas gaming. In the news Prince of Persia hits the silver screen and Modern Warfare 2 raises eyebrows. In Our Week in Geek a Boy and his Blob duel Queen and fight Tekken.


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3 thoughts on “Elder-Speek 30: Holigame”

  1. I would like to add the Mario Party series to the already lengthy list of family holiday games. You can’t go wrong with those.

  2. I have an interesting family when it comes to games.
    -My mom blames herself for me loving games since she got me a gameboy when was 4… even though she plays her handheld yahtzee game every night.
    -My older Brother likes video games… but he is generally bad at them, and generally doesn’t play them. I take that back, he only plays racing and fighting games nowadays.
    -I’m pretty sure my dad is ashamed that he enjoys video games. He LOVES Mechwarrior, with the Sidewinder joystick and all. I remember wakeing up and walking downstairs to find him playing the game for hours in secrecy. I think that is really interesting.

    Overall, I will most likely never be able to get them all to play a game together. Its a little sad… because I think that would be fun as hell.

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