02 Nov

god of war 3 ultimate ed

Looks like Sony’s Santa Monica Studios are looking to make the latest in the epic Ancient-Greek action franchise as bad-ass as possible, now before you even put the disc in. Details have just come through the net on what the bigger spenders can look forward to getting for their extra buck with the God of War III Ultimate Edition package. Included are the usual trappings of a bonus disc of documentary featurettes (on both III and the series at large,) an art book, and the previously reported download voucher for those that pre-order the edition; but also a soundtrack of heavy metal tunes inspired by the franchise and download vouchers for different character skins depending on where you pre-order: at Gamestop (“Phantom of Chaos,”) Amazon.com (“Apollo,”) or GameCrazy (“Forgotten Warrior.”) All of this is contained in a conversation-starting, and truly magnificent, Pandora’s Box replica case.

“The God of War franchise has an incredibly loyal fanbase and we know they will be extremely excited with all the exclusive content and memorabilia we’ve packed into God of War III Ultimate Edition,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing for SCEA. “With fans waiting patiently for the arrival of God of War III for the PS3, we wanted to make sure their anticipation was properly rewarded.”

Is this enough to get you to shell out the extra cash? What was left out that would have made it your dream edition? Give us an itemized list below!

2 thoughts on “God of War III Ultimate Edition Details”

  1. All this digital stuff stinks.
    Gimme a hard copy trilogy soundtrack and this is as good as preordered.

  2. The 2 albums should have been actual CD’s and not downloads. I will just stick with buying the regular edition of the game.

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