18 Nov


The now infamous Wii Music (and Elder-Geek’s “Worst Game” of 2008) may be getting some work done, if Shigeru Miyamoto has his way. The mega-developer recently discussed his thoughts on providing a Wii Fit Plus-esque expanded version to consumers, and other methods of extending the life of the IP, in a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine.

“I think it sold lower than our expectations but on the other hand it was a really unique game, I have to say,” Miyamoto mused, “And also, even today, we are receiving several different offers from people in the field of music education, so as far as Wii Music is concerned, I think is still has great potential. And in the future there might be some developments.

“Unfortunately we don’t have any news we can talk about at the moment,” he continued, “But like Wii Fit Plus, it’s not really a sequel to the original Wii Fit – but we have added some features to improve the overall experience. It’s a kind of an enhanced version of the original Wii Fit…”

Think Wii Music Plus will be able to turn the tide of this floundering IP? Or is Miyamoto just steadfast in his refusal to believe in software flops? Give us your side in the comment section below!

One thought on “More Developments to be Had with Wii Music?”

  1. Please dear god, NO! The first game sucked ass, gimmicky as any game can get. Plus where were the Nintendo tunes, cause I sure as hell don’t want to hear children’s songs when I am playing a music game.

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