30 Nov

According to Nintendo’s executive vice president Cammie Dunaway, the Wii has gained a sales boost of 85% since the $50 price cut in October after seeing a 43% drop between April and September of this year. Dunaway states. “I think that going into the holidays, the Wii is in a very good position. It has an unbeatable combination of games, experience and unbeatable value, and that continues to put it to the top of people’s wish list.” Nintendo has recently released a slew of classic Nintendo franchises titles to the Wii’s Virtual console.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo: Wii Sales Up 85% Since Price Cut”

  1. I think that the PS3’s lineup would destroy the Wii’s “unbeatable combination of games.” After all, when your best fighters have been doing it for over 20 years…

  2. By unbeatable games, he must mean the three to four good games that come out every year for the wii.

    And why doesn’t Nintendo put out more than 2 games a year for their incredible franchises? Seriously, Nintendo could destroy everyone with the franchises they have, but they have yet to do much with them.

  3. Didn’t the PS3 see a sales increase of 333% after it’s price cut? Nintendo’s expansion actually comes in on the lesser side of normal price-cut financial projections…

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