19 Nov

During the Media/Investor conference, Sony has announced that the Playstation Network may soon get paid subscriptions. Sony has said that the online play will remain free, but a premium content plan may add new features such as a PSP rental service or to incorporate SOE’s upcoming MMOs. Sony as of this time has not confirmed the service but are looking into it.

7 thoughts on “Playstation Network Getting Paid Subscriptions”

  1. I’m fine with that… the PSP rental service would be sweet if it was around $12 a month, and MMO’s normally have subscription fees nowadays anyway.

  2. As long as I don’t have to pay for regular online or demo’s I’m okey with it. Also if they do this, they should discount PSN games by a small fraction for subscribers.

    1. I concur, keep what I have available to me now free, and I won’t burn down your headquarters ^_^

      We all knew they would go pay eventually, I’m happy to see they will be a bit more consumer-friendly about it than Microsoft.

    1. I agree. As much as I would love Final Fantasy XIV to be free to play I know it won’t be, so they need a way to charge for it. As long as they don’t start charging for regular online play I guess I’m OK with it.

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