03 Dec

Greg from Bioware

While Playstation 3 fans continue to pine for Bioware classics like Jade Empire and anticipated sequels like  Mass Effect 2 to hit their console of choice, the developer’s co-founder Greg Zeschuk recently sat down with Joystiq to discuss the company’s support of the platform, and how the idea of doing so has changed since releasing their first product Dragon Age: Origins on it.

“We spent six months, literally, and Ray and I would also sit in on some of the sessions – like quite a few of the sessions on interface – and we’d all play it for a week, and every week for six months we would review the changes,” said Zeschuk. “We had very significant resources assigned: designers, producers, programmers, artists and Edge of Reality, a whole separate team as well at the same time. So, it’s a big undertaking, I think. Again, one of our goals, and every time we have multiple platforms, is that we want people to feel that it was made for them, it was made for that platform they’re playing on. We never ever want to play a BioWare game of any type that feels like it is secondhand or a sacrificed experience just because they happen to choose platform A, B, or C.”

When the subject of further support for PS3 versions/exclusives in the future came up, Zeschuk was equally verbose. “Absolutely. We think it’s one of the key platforms, obviously, so we’re definitely going to be doing PS3. You know, I can’t say anything about Mass Effect in that regard but you know, I can definitely say Dragon Age and other things we do will definitely be on PS3. It was great going through the experience of making Dragon Age, getting familiar with and understanding the PS3. Again, every platform is different, but now I think we’re at the position where future PS3 stuff will be really solid.”

Happy to hear of Bioware’s desire to expand their platforms? Still miffed about a PS3 version-less Mass Effect? Comment/rant below!

One thought on “Bioware Co-Founder on PS3 Support”

  1. Good for them, and Dragon Age was great on the PS3 (no real bugs from my time with it). As far as I can see, they did a great job with it… especially for it being their first time working with such complicated Hardware.

    I doubt we will see any exclusives come to the PS3, but I’m sure most, if not all of Bioware’s games will see the light of day on the system.

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