4 thoughts on “Elder-Geek.com’s Game of the Year”

  1. I’m Glad MW2 wasn’t on the list, at least one site realizes what that game is, a Generic FPS in all means, with the multiplayer being reduced to kill streaks and perks, there is no skill involved with FPS games any more. I’ll stick with TF2 for Multiplayer, until something else comes along.

    Well good for DA:O, got to pick this up eventually.

  2. Definitely my choice as well. One of the very, very few games that I actually replayed. Might end up replaying it for a third time even.

  3. I’ll have to agree with this also and I’m SO glad MW2 was not on the list it’s just a generic FPS backed up by all the hype and graphics, personally gameplay and STORY is the major factor to a good game and MW2 just killed them

    Well done DA:O for providing epic story and gameplay :)

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