08 Dec


We return after a two-week holiday break, and we do so in great style. Adding a bit more flavor to our podcast is background music from relevant games courtesy of OCRemix.org. That’s not all! This week we’re visited by Will Strouse from podcast network 8bitx.com. He joins us for the whole show as a guest host and to discuss his own website. Be sure to check out the 8bitX Radio Network! For the 8bitX bracket that we chat about during the show, click here.


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12 thoughts on “Elder-Speek 32: Switching Back to 8Bit”

  1. This was easily one of my favorite episodes too. Will, we need to have you on more. You’re a hell of a guy, and I’m definitely going to be listening to your show on Wednesday. No young punks are gonna ruin my memories of classic gaming music!!

  2. I’m kinda disappointed about that bracket… there are a lot of games that should be on the list that aren’t, and vice versa.

    Soul Reaver, Xenogears, Tomb Raider 2, Resident Evil 2 (but Resident Evil 1 is a 1 seed, which is insane in my eyes), Banjo Kazooie, and Starfox 64 are all absent from that list. These are all games that should be considered the top 64 games of the generation.

      1. Don’t get me wrong… what you guys are doing is incredible. I just wish there were less mediocre N64 games on the list.

        I completely missed Starfox on there… it is a very intimidating list. Can’t wait to listen to and participate in the show!

  3. (Bracket: http://www.8bitx.com/3264/3264.jpg)

    StarFox 64 is in the bracket, 5th seed Block 3 on the left.
    On the Resident Evil 2 vs Resident Evil 1, I honestly think that was a typo from the designer who made the bracket, since our listener TenchuX made the same observation. That will be changed later tonight actually.

    This is the first bracket we’ve done of this generation, and we cycle through each generation as the show goes on. The games that didn’t make it have another shot down the line.

    Soul Reaver, and Tomb Raider 2 were not submitted by our listeners to be in the tournament, and their games come first.

    Xenogears missed out this time around, but next time around feel free to add your games! Have a game you think would win it all?

    1. Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid would pretty much run away with the whole tournament, both if we’re considering the music of the games. Or the general quality.

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