19 Dec

Episode 34 is our final episode for the year. No worries! We’ll be back sometime in January. This week we comment on the Spike VGAs and more importantly, we say farewell to Mats who will be leaving the site after the new year. Mats will be greatly missed. He’s been an invaluable member of Elder-Geek.com, but more importantly, he’s been a great friend to all of us. Our thoughts go with you on your journeys, Mats!

A special thank you to user TenchuX for supplying the song we used this week for the opening theme and the music behind the first commercial. You can hear a good number of TenchuX’s music on his YouTube page, so if you like what you heard (we did) be sure to subscribe! The background music this week was ALL Final Fantasy 9… and we didn’t even crack 1/3 of the album.


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Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!

7 thoughts on “Elder-Speek 34: Farewell Mats!”

  1. You guys were so right and so wrong about the VGA’s.

    Wrong (IMO):
    -The winners this year were chosen by the public (which I think is terrible).
    -Assassins Creed 2 won because of the public vote… Fans of Uncharted2 voted for game of the year but didn’t continue through the list of voting.
    -Rocksteady completely deserves the the Studio of the Year award… they are fairly unproven, and they attempted to make a Batman game that is good… and exceeded all expectations. That is a tough feet.

    Right (IMO):
    – The people giving the awards should be related to gameing in some way. The people running the show (Gametrailers and Spike) have stated that viewers wouldn’t watch without these celebraties… but I didn’t know who a lot of those people were, and it seemed like it was promoting MTV shows too much.
    – Mountain Dew… give some time for the show. I don’t want 5 minutes of shows compared to 10 minutes of adds.

    So the biggest thing that you guys were missing was that the public voted for the winners on Spike.com or Gametrailers.com

    1. good points korne. know what else i just thought of? they gave their “best independent game fueled by dew” award to flower.

      Flower is awesome, but ThatGameCompany’s publisher was Sony Computer Entertainment for Christ’s sake. That means’ they aren’t independent anymore.

      1. They are not owned by Sony… they just recieve benefits from Sony to develope their game exclusivley for Sony’s system… Q games is in the same boat.

        1. You’re probably right… but then all of the nominees (besides Osmose) would be disqualified for all being ‘published’ by the Microsoft and Sony.

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