02 Dec

FinalFantasy XIII Banner

Square Enix has released the final version of the box art for Final Fantasy XIII, meaning that the box art Square Enix posted on it’s website last month will not be used internationally, but will only be used for release in Japan. Rather than just the logo, the final version for the United States and Europe also includes an image of the protagonist Lightning. The new box arts can be found after the jump.

Furthermore, the Japanese magazine “Shonen Jump” has published an article on Final Fantasy XIII, revealing a new character. Cid Raines, as this character is known, is supposedly a non-playable character wielding a weapon somewhat similar to the one used by Lightning. Characters called ‘Cid’ have been a recurring theme within the Final Fantasy series, having been part of the series from the second installment onwards. The scan in question can be found after the jump.

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Final Box Art & New Character Revealed”

  1. It doesn’t look TERRIBLE, but it reminds me of something you’d see someone cook up in Photoshop.

    I’d almost prefer just a plain white case with the FFXIII logo.

  2. Well it is a little better than the logo alone on a white background, but come on it could have been SO much better.

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