18 Dec

HeavyRain BannerSony has announced that it will provide gamers who pre-order the upcoming ‘film noir’-sytled thriller Heavy Rain with a free episode of downloadable content. Though the release date for the game is still subject of speculation, almost all major retailers have listed the game for either the 16th or 18th of February 2010.

The downloadable content that will be available for free with a pre-order is an extension of the 2008 E3 demo, known as ‘The Taxidermist’. This episode will be part of a series of downloadable episodes, known as the ‘Heavy Rain: Chronicles‘, each of which focuses on an untold aspect of the major characters’ stories, taking place either before or after the events of the overall game. This particular episode takes place before the overall games and follows lead-character Madison Paige in one of her very first cases of tracking down serial killers.

A second episode will be released shortly after the game hits the stores, and each episode will be available for $5.00.

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