04 Dec

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Kthxbyegiving (I stole that joke from Dan Lindalman), and that you’ve all had enough turkey to last you until the next major holiday.

Gigantic heads up to everyone! We are going to be bringing you fresh brand new forums VERY soon. So, starting on December 11th, we’re going to start implementing them into the site.

What does that mean for everyone? Well, to make a long story short, it means the site might be a bit funky for a day or so. What we’re going to do is pull the current forums away from the site and leave them active for a bit. To sign into them, you can always go directly to those forums by going to http://elder-geek.com/forums/ . We’ll keep them open for at least a few weeks after the new ones are opened just in case anyone wanted to close up a conversation or two… Oh, and also to say farewell to all the spambots that wormed their way into there.

Then we’re going to install the shiny, new, super sexy forums! It may require a new sign in. It may not. We’ll know more as we cross that bridge. The NEW forums will be more attractive (but maybe not at first), easier to use, and they’ll allow us to update the site much more easily than our current phpbb solution! Booyah!

Pay close attention for notices on the front page about possible login changes.



Thanks again everyone for your continued support on the site! Without you (and caffeine) this site wouldn’t be the same. So a HUGE thank you in advance for everyone’s patience with us as we go through this change!

Also, coming soon is going to be our Elder Geek Games of the Year Awards (E.G.G.Y. Awards) and our Most Anticipated Games of 2010 videos. Look forward to them hopefully before the holiday.

We also have some very talented writers joining the staff. I’m looking forward to working with all of them and subsequently increasing the amount of quality content that hits the site. 2010 is quickly shaping up to be not only one hell of a year for gaming, but one hell of a year for Elder-Geek.com.

In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone. Be a good geek and get some Dragon Age: Origins in your playtime.



8 thoughts on “From the Editor: Updates to Forums”

      1. I’m still near the beginning. I’ve clocked 14 hours into the game and I just got to Redcliffe. I still have to discipline myself not to chase after every sidequest I get.

  1. Well, I think me and zky don’t want to lose our post counts, but if the forums are better, then yeah, I guess I am fine with it. I would like to keep a lot of the good topics, but if that can’t be arranged, then Randy, I need to know so I can save a bunch of content out of a couple of them.

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