09 Dec

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According to a statement released by Sony,¬†inFAMOUS has sold in excess of 1.2 million units from its release date in May 2009 through October. To celebrate this success, Sony announced that in the near future,¬†inFAMOUS will be available at a reduced retail price of $39.95. Furthermore, the “Gigawatt Blades” DLC that was previously only available to users who had pre-ordered the game, will be available free of charge for all players from December 10 onward. inFAMOUS was developed by Sucker Punch Entertainment, the same developer who brought us the famous Sly Cooper series.

5 thoughts on “inFAMOUS Pricedrop Coming Soon”

  1. Have this already and it is amazing. I am looking forward to the blades, so I can be evil with the blades (playing first playthrough as good, then evil second time through on hard mode).

  2. I bought this game last week just after the price drop. I am looking forward to playing it, but I am going to finish Dead Space first. Also the free DLC is great news.

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