25 Dec

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s what makes this category harder to judge for than any other award. “Artistic” is nearly impossible to quantify. With that being said, these are our five nominees that in the opinion of Elder-Geek.com have worked the hardest to create the best artistic presentation in gaming.


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (Arc System Works, Aksys Games)

Flower (ThatGameCompany, Sony Computer Entertainment)

MadWorld (Platinum Games, Sega)

The Path (Tale of Tales, Tale of Tales)

Street Fighter IV (Dimps/Capcom, Capcom)

Winner: Flower

Anyone who picks up Flower will question themselves if Flower is a game or an interactive work of art. That factor alone cements its place as this year’s most artistic video game. In reality, it makes us question whether or not the term “video game” is still appropriate for most of the medium. A giant gamble on behalf of ThatGameCompany’s has paid off tenfold. Before Flower hit the scene, the concept of a video game based on riding the wind to pick up flower pedals and restoring color to an otherwise drab landscape would have seemed absolutely unappealing to most. Thankfully, Flower has opened the eyes of many as to what can be done with the future of video gaming. Flower is beautiful. Flower is art.

3 thoughts on “Most Artistic Presentation”

    1. Muramasa should have been on the list, I mean, it is all hand drawn art, and includes The Wave as a level. You guys mean to tell me that Muramasa IS worse in art when that what it is over something else.

  1. I was expecting The Path to be the winner, but I most certainly agree with the end result. Flower is just so… pleasant.

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