4 thoughts on “Roleplaying Game of the Year”

  1. Yeah, I give it to DA:O. As much as I love Borderlands, it is a shooter first and an RPG last. There is very little story to Borderlands, and the other stuff is there, it is a very, very shallow RPG. I would have nominated FFCC:EoT myself, much better story, and has weapons customization, something I wish Borderlands had.

  2. I’m with Keck, if Borderlands is an RPG, STALKER is an RPG and Bioshock is an RPG and freaking TF2 is an RPG.

      1. Let’s use some common sense! Even MW has RPG elements but that doesn’t make it an RPG. Heck, even Mass Effect is a little iffy on the RPG side. An RPG is Dragon Age, where you can easily tell it apart from a shooter or a fighting game. The Witcher is an RPG, stats feel like they affect gameplay and it’s not just about grinding and doing side quests. With RPG elements going into a lotta other genres, i think we gotta use some common sense and draw a line that says “if shooting’s more important than the RPG elements, then you’re a shooter”. Simple as that. If not, Devil May Cry, God of War, etc. etc. are all RPGs too. And that’d be anarchy.

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