09 Dec


While it’s still unnamed (officially) and still lacking a release date (sometime 2010), Sony Computer Entertainment’s patent of the motion control wand peripheral hints at several possible attachments. Several possible attachment combinations exist for the device, including a slot open for several game-based add-ons, making the wand into a baseball bat or chainsaw, for example. While the attached image is in no way indicative of the final product that consumers will get their hands on in 2010, Sony would be in good business sense to utilize what could be a swiss army knife peripheral design.

Like what you see here? Got your own ideas about what the Wand should come equipped with? Pimp your own patent in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Sony Wand Patent Hints at Voltron-Esque Attachments”

  1. Well I’ve had faith ever since I saw the Wand prototype back in 2003 being used with the PS2 Eyetoy. Motion capture tech + Wiimote tech = awesome potential.

  2. If there isn’t an analogue stick attachment, then this kinda fails, the dpad gets the job done, but some games really need that analogue stick.

    I am going to be cautiously optimistic, but currently, I like the Wiimote layout a lot better.

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