21 thoughts on “Bayonetta Video Review”

  1. I’ll think about it. A rental yes, buy, not right now, I bought too much because of the Steam Deals. Plus I have so many other games to play. Looks interesting, I wonder if there will be any scandals from the news media, that and family rights groups.

  2. Loved the review :) Still don’t think I’ll be getting the game though, it looks phenomenal (that is undeniable), but I guess it just isn’t really my cup of tea. Guess I’ll just save some money and hold out for FF XIII and Bad Company 2.

  3. its weird how the music in the background is Bayonetta Covering Franks Sinatra – Fly Me to The Moon.

  4. First purchase of the year for me as well! I hope the replay is as good as DMC was, with multiple difficulties, all containing new foes and tough challenges.

    Also, any secret missions in this game, given the similar mission structure?

  5. Great Review… but I think I’ll wait to rent this game over the summer. I’m up to my eyeballs with games right now.

    1. During my playthrough, I encountered no slowdown or unusually long load times. Smooth sailing throughout. Don’t believe a word of what IGN says.

      1. pjm, Eliot played and wrote that review. I just did the voiceovers. But Eliot hasn’t steered us wrong yet with his reviews. he normally hits the nail right on the head.

      2. I’m playing it on my ps3 as well, and the only ‘annoying’ issue I have with it is how long it takes to load the save menu. Other than that, the loading times are all very reasonable and not enough to really feel they get in the way at all.

    2. Kinda funny how “killing the PS3 version” is giving the game a 8.2. Goes to show how futile score based reviews are.

      1. Yes, there are a lot of people very upset about that huge score discrepancy. 8.2 is a great game any other day of the year, but this time….

        The internets got mad.

      2. This is actually one of my BIGGEST problems with the gaming media nowadays.

        Most reviewers seem to review on a scale of 6 to 10. 6 means its a horrid game you don’t want to go near, 8 is average, 9 is good and 10 is great.

        What happened to the days of 5 being average or mediocre? /sigh

        1. I couldn’t agree more. That’s why we don’t have a numeric scale at all. All it does is start unnecessary debate. I wonder how many hits IGN farmed out of this difference.

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