27 Jan

Polish the lens on your sniper scopes and fuel up your flamethrower tanks… it’s time for our first EVAR gaming night. Let’s all meet at 7pm on Steam and kill the hell out of each other in Team Fortress 2. Be sure to join our Steam Group and meet us there! ANYone can join. Can’t wait to game with you all.

This week we’re playing a PC game we’re going to try to and change up the game and the platform that we’ll game on. So if you don’t have TF2 on PC, fear not, we’ll most likely be playing a game on your console of choice in the near future!

See you there!


6 thoughts on “Elder-Geek.com Game Night 001 – Team Fortress 2 (Steam)”

  1. I think I’m going to pick up TF2 tonight. I’ll be on a little late, but hopefully I’ll be home to play before 5pm PT

  2. Sorry I couldn’t be there. The lab went a little long and then I had to go out with my better half. I’ll hopefully see you guys on TF2 later this week. I’d love to play (but probably not very good, since I haven’t played a PC FPS since since HL2

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