22 Jan

With a scheduled release for March 9th, SquareEnix has detailed the contents of the Final Fantasy XIII collector’s edition. The announcement comes a few days after the website of the Italian Gamestop made the collector’s edition available for pre-order at a price of roughly €80. While this price would translate to approximately $110, games in the United States generally retail for less than their European equivalent.

The collector’s edition will include a CD containing the soundtrack of the game, which has been compiled specifically for this edition, as well as a hard-cover artbook containing character art, CG-rendered art and environment art from specific locations found in the game. Furthermore, the package will contain three prints of the protagonists of the game together with their Eidolon, as these character-specific summons are known in-game. Finally, a decal of the “Mark of the L’Cie” will be included.

Pictures of the contents, as well as the exclusive packshots can be found after the jump.

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition Detailed”

  1. Well seeing as I’m gonna splurge for the 5 disc Limited Edition soundtrack, I’m not that interested in getting this. Although if it’s available in the US, I certainly will.

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