10 Jan

With the estimation of 3 million Wii consoles sold in the U.S during the month of December, President Satoru Iwata has told Reuters that he is confident the Wii has recovered from its slowdown last year when the Nintendo profits fell over 52% during the first half of the year in part due to the slow Wii sales.  After claiming that Nintendo was on a ‘urgent mission’ to recover Wii sales he is now understandably optimistic.  “I think it’s now safe to say the Wii has recovered from slowdown,” he told the news organization. “It’s a combination of factors. Towards December, our software lineup got stronger. Also, the price cut certainly helped, although it is not the sole factor.”

He is quick to point out, however, that even though the Wii has sold well during the holidays it may not have made a full recovery, the momentum has to be sustained during 2010. “But I’m not sure if it’s prudent to use words like revival and recovery lightly before making absolutely certain we can maintain this momentum. So, I steer clear of such words today,” .

3 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Optimistic About Wii Sales”

  1. Iwata, how about you help the 3rd party devs finally understand the console, and help them market their games, then things will be better.

    Well, things will be a little bit better for Nintendo this year, so many good games coming out for the console, that is much better than last years performance.

  2. Yeah Iwata–how about you start keeping some of the shit off your system and maybe gain some credibility? I’d definitely respect you more if you stopped letting shit companies like Zoo Games, Crave Entertainment, and Dreamcatcher release shovelware.

    1. Once the shovelware stops recouping its low cost at the shelves, I’m sure that will be a reliable business option.

      I’ll let Iwata-san know of your discomfort, Eliot, I’m sure he’ll be eager to please you (^_^)

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