14 Jan

Sony is giving us the ability to record HD digital television broadcasts from our Playstation 3 via a DVR kit dubbed “Torne” at a price point of ¥9980 (~$110 USD). The kit includes a digital tuner that connects to the PS3 via USB and a required software download via Blu-ray disc. Programs are recorded in full HD to either the PS3’s HDD or an external HDD. Connectivity to the PSP is also an option as Remote Play or direct download to either the PSP 3000 or PSPgo systems.** The kit is to be released in March*** as either a standalone product or bundled with a 250GB PS3 unit.

**Video is converted to native PSP resolution

*** Japan only

3 thoughts on “Sony Releasing DVR Kits for PS3”

  1. I am kind of glad it is Japan only because I just bought a TIVo and signed up for a year of service.

  2. This would be sweet… and really, REALLY cheap. Plus, no subscriptions… I want it now!

    I don’t think an import would help me though. There’s probably differences with the tv signal.

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