12 Jan

Take to the skies in this latest edition of Elder-Geek.com’s one-stop-trailer-shop feature: The Video Blitz! In this edition we present all the media you need to make a decision on Capcom and Airtight Game’s Dark Void.

Players get in the skin-tight fighter/pilot suit of William Augustus Grey, who crashes in the Bermuda Triangle and gets teleported to an alternate reality where humans (there known as Survivors,) must battle an alien race called the Watchers. Soon equipped with an adapted Watcher-tech flight suit and jetpack courtesy of Nikola Tesla, William Grey aids the remaining humans in their battle with a race bent on their destruction. Sporting both standard and vertical cover systems, the game allows multiple ways to approach each objective and multiple ways to play.

Stunts Trailer

Official Trailer

Official Dev Diary – 1

Official Dev Diary – 2

Official Dev Diary – 3

Watcher Trailer

The Void Trailer

Final Cinematic Trailer

Bear McCreary Composer Interview

Gold 4 Jetpack Trailer

Guns Trailer

Dog Fight Trailer

Aces High Trailer

Grip Trailer

Vertical Trailer

UFO Trailer

Mixed Combat Trailer

Captivate Trailer – Fly Edition

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