26 Jan

It’s a big day for sci-fi geeks as Mass Effect 2 begins its orbit in the world market, and as is accustom here on Elder-Geek.com we’re barraging you with trailers from our Video Blitz feature.

In Mass Effect 2 players resume the role of Commander Shepard as he embarks on a routine mission for the Geth. All does not go according to plan however, and pretty soon the ship is attacked by an unknown enemy. Throughout the game you will gather a new and deadly team to battle this new enemy and explore the depths of the galaxy. The future of humanity hangs in the balance!

Debut Teaser

Cinematic Trailer

Fight for the Lost: Shepard

Launch Trailer

Engineer Class Walkthrough

Infiltrator Class Walkthrough

Vanguard Class Walkthrough

Adept Combat Class Walkthrough

Sentinel Class Walkthrough

Soldier Class Walkthrough

The Stars of Mass Effect 2 Featurette

Miranda Trailer

Tali Trailer

Samara Trailer

Savage Trailer

Assassin Trailer

Subject Zero Trailer

Psychopath Trailer

Reveal Developer Diary

N7 Developer Diary

Enemies Developer Diary

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