24 Feb

Cammie Dunaway, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo of America, has announced that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will release on May 23rd in the United States. The news was revealed at the Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco earlier today.

A new trailer for the game, which was shown at this event, will be made available to the general public later today.

6 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gets Release Date”

  1. U R MR GAY 😀

    Jesus, this first half of 2010 is epic… but I can barely play any of these incredible games. We will have:

    -2 new slasher IPs
    -A new GOW
    -A new FF
    -A new Splintercell
    -A new Bioshock
    -A new Mario
    -A new Metriod
    – And yet Just Dance will be in the top 20 sales every month!

    1. Bioshock 2 only takes two days of playing to beat, so don’t fret, but yeah, I feel your pain. At least I will have the summer to plow through all these games, and ones I have yet to play, minus all the 360 exclusives though.

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