10 Mar

Sony has demoed 6 games for the PlayStation Move in their press conference at GDC 2010 in San Francisco. Games demoed included Sports Champion, Move Party, LittleBigPlanet, EyePet, Motion Fighter and SOCOM 4.

Sports Champion: a Wii Sports-style mini-game compilation

Move Party: a WarioWare-esque “augmented reality” style of mini-games using the PlayStation Eye

Motion Fighter: third-person street brawler

Little Big Planet Patch/DLC: integrates motion controller-activated platforms and switches into level design/play

EyePet: pet activity simulator

SOCOM 4: using the same mechanic as Resident Evil 4‘s demo at last year’s E3, player uses the Duel Shock Controller as a “sub controller” setup

The PlayStation Move target price is under $100 with official word of the price being announced later in the year. The PlayStation Move will also have a console bundle dubbed the “Ultimate Bundle” which includes the controller, PlayStation Eye and Sports Champions game. Currently there is no official price for the bundle.

Click here for streaming video of the event

4 thoughts on “PlayStation Move Games and Price”

      1. Oh ok, but there is a shooter game, not sure if that is stand alone or in a package. There is just so much info coming out and I am swamped with school work, trying to figure out what is heads or tails is taking some work.

  1. Well, the fighting game is aweful… and most of these demos are just going to show off the tech.

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