16 Mar

Episode Recap:
This week TenChux and Justin review the Goldeneye Source soundtrack! It features a bunch of great remixes of songs from the classic N64 first-person shooter, Goldeneye 007.

Music Features:
Goldeneye Source Soundtrack
Backgound tracks during talking breaks are from Star Fox
K.K. Setlist – An Unfinished Animal Crossing Remix Project
Jeff Ramos’ “Hideki Naganuma Tribute”:
OneUp Studios “Club Game Music”

4 thoughts on “Radio Free Gamer: World 2-7”

    1. Well, once I pry myself away from FFXIII long enough to listen. How long is the podcast anyways? I like them about 30 minutes, that is the perfect amount of ineffective time I am willing to let go at a time, when it isn’t summer of course (then I have a lot of time).

  1. Lol, Tenchux and I would definitely appreciate it if you would give it a listen! Also, look out for this week’s episode featuring Kenley Kristofferson, host of Into the Score. We discuss Irish and Celtic influences on VGM for St. Patrick’s Day! The show airs live on Wednesdays at 7PM EST on 8bitx.com.

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