10 thoughts on “Top Ten Playstation Games”

  1. Awesome list. I think FF9 is a bit high, Soul Reaver is a bit low, and I would personally swap Legend of Dragoon with Xenogears. Hell, then I would switch Xenogears with Chronocross.lol

    1. I would have too. I would’ve swapped Xenogears with both of them.

      I like this list though. I don’t agree with everything and i would’ve taken out a few (to be honest, i don’t know wtf’s Legend of Dragoon :P) to put Front Mission 3 and Valkyrie Profile, etc., but it’s forgivable.

  2. This list surprised me. I was expecting to be disappointed by the lack of Ape Escape and I was right to brace for such disappointment but I’m completely surprised that there was no mention at all of any PS1 platformers. Crash? Spyro? But especially Ape Escape, being the first game to ever use the dual shock controller and still manage to offer one of the finest uses of the controller to date. However the inclusion of Final Fantasy 9 and Metal Gear Solid at the top spots solidifies this list’s awesomeness factor. MGS1 still being one of my personal favorite games ever.

  3. Nice choices for top 10 PSX titles. Surprised Gran Turismo and Twisted Metal didn’t make it in.

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