22 Apr

With eleven days to go before the Multiplayer Beta is made available to the public, Bungie has revealed that it will release three different versions Halo: Reach when the game launches later this year. Besides the regular version, a Limited edition will also be available, which contains exclusive in-game armor as well as a set of documents and items that reveal more about the backstory of Dr. Halsey, a major supporting character in the Halo franchise.

A Legendary edition will also be released, which contains an additional item of in-game armor as well as a 10-inch tall statue of Noble Team, the main characters of Halo: Reach. This statue was designed by McFarlane Toys, and weighs over 10 pounds. This package will further include all the items that were also included with the Limited Edition. Pictures of the regular, Limited and Legendary Editions can be found after the jump.

Bungie has announced that the regular version of the game has a suggested retail price of $59.99. The Limited and Legendary edition will cost $79.99 and $149.99 respectively. It was not revealed when Halo: Reach will actually go on sale, but the game is scheduled to release this year.