12 Apr

This week on Radio Free Gamer, Tenchux and I discussed the SNES-inspired soundtrack to the independent game 100 Rogues. There are some excellent tracks on there, and if it had been released during the SNES era we think there would definitely be some good remixes by now.

We also played some tracks from the tha Sauce’s April Fool’s Day album, Duck Hunt HD Remix. Quite a few remixers put a few frenzied days’ worth of work into this title, and there are some standout tracks. Finally, we played the debut album from Pocketmaster, entitled Residue. The artist used a Gameboy and Commodore 64 to make this album, and it turned out very well.

We don’t have an artist interview this week, but to make up for it we share with you a brief, humiliating we interview we conducted with an intern manning the Sega booth at PAX East. He literally had no idea what they were showing, and stumbles to answer Will’s questions. It is quite excellent.

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