05 Apr

After a relatively short break we’re back in action with spoilers to die for. For this episode Mats is absent but in his place Gavin has taken on the job of hosting, with Randy and Kipp sitting in to make sure he didn’t mess up. If there’s one game that fits the concept of Spoiler Alert! It’s Heavy Rain, so that’s exactly the topic of discussion this time.

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One thought on “Spoiler Alert! Heavy Rain”

  1. I just recently got the bright idea to start listening to these while I’m at work and all of them are great so far. I wrote down a few comments and some of my experiences while I was listening:

    I figured the doctor drugged Madison’s drink, but I drank it anyway just to see what would happen.

    I only played through it once and I figured that the triptocaine was to suppress any hallucinations Ari might cause when he wasn’t wearing the glasses.

    When I was doing the scene with the overly religious guy the R1 key popped up over all of the dialog choices so I shot him right away because I instinctively pressed R1 right when it popped up.

    My roommate came up with a pretty good point on the typewriter shop chapter. He probably killed the type writer shop owner when it showed Lauren playing with the music box for an extended period of time. That’s the only thing we could think of that made any sense.

    One plothole I was thinking about is why Ethan’s blackouts stopped about halfway through the game.

    And holy crap. What Dreams May Come is probably the saddest movie I’ve ever seen. And no, I haven’t seen Requiem for a Dream, nor do I want to.

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