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  1. No transcript. Well I think you said you are gonna put that up later. Just gonna post what I posted on Youtube with the things I think you should have also talked about since it really helps people understand the game. I guess I just like to understand every mechanic in the game and talk about it, since I don’t like to give people not enough information, or misinformation.

    Volume also increases the amount of bullets you have (the bass of the music also helps in that too). You forgot to mention that there are 4 difficulty settings with increasing difficulty, and ranking up gives you things like more power ups at the beginning of the game, more multipliers, and my favorite of having an Instant Beat Hazard at the beginning of the song when you reach the rank of Elite. Oh, Songs with lots of Treble are not your friend, bass songs are your friend though.

    1. Thanks for the input Keck.

      I don’t feel I’m misinforming anyone at all with this review. This is just a review and a recommendation. It’s not a strategy guide.

      1. I wasn’t saying any of that was a strategy guide at all. Obviously I highlighted elements you forgot to mention in the review. I guess you could take the treble and bass part as a guide, but the other parts weren’t.

        Sorry if I got a little too over analytical, but that is how I operate.

  2. Review: a critical evaluation

    The video review under 4 mins was concise, and spoke directly to me by comparing the game vs games of old (Asteriods for example). This is most important a review of the game to explain if in the reviewer’s mind that it’s worth my money.

    The few tips given explain what might seem like a weakness actually is a strength once harnessed, which will add to the gameplay & avoid frustration when picking up the game.

    The review is quick, to the point, and informative. The game is not given away so the experiences you do have (such as discovering turning up the volume adds bullets) are a joy and surprise when unveiled.

    Excellent review, great tip about the PC vs consoles on this one.

    Oh and Keck: http://www.destructoid.com/videogame-fans-need-to-shut-up-about-everything-164476.phtml

    1. Ok, I take huge offense to that link, I was not complaining like fanboys. The things I mentioned are huge elements to the game and should not be left out. As for the things in that argument: I like things to change, and I will be one of the first people to criticize elements of a game and point out where things need to be changed or added to.

      Take this for instance. For Beat Hazard to be more awesome, it should update the leaderboards so it has leaderboards like Audiosurf. By the Audiosurf leaderboards I mean leaderboards for every song played, that way you can compare your song stats to everyone else’. See, I can criticize a game to try to make it better. If you are going to link me to something and potentially insult me, you should probably try to go to the forums a bit more and see how I operate.

      I’m sorry if I come off like one of the fanboys in that article, but I am very analytical and like to analyze every bit of a game I can. I can let go of some things but other I just can’t. Sorry if I seem brash, but stick around a little more and get to know me a little more. Okay?

  3. This looks like it could be a lot of fun, I’m going to try out the demo. Thanks for the review

  4. I’m loving this game… but insane mode is freaking hard.

    I just scored 8 million on BT’s Kibosabi

    1. The highest score I have is over 3 million. I really want to get a good score on Prime Time of Your Life on Daft Punk’s Alive Album. the song is over 10 minutes long, and Insane mode is well, insane.

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